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Why SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline?

Why SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline?

There are many reasons why you should choose to use SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline:

-our staff is high trained and certified

-our staff is courteous and friendly

-we have top of the line/cutting edge technology and methodology to get your job done quickly

-we have already seen any job you can call us with

-we are quicker to any disaster

-we make it "Like it never even happened."

-customer service is our specialty

Call SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline for your next loss and we can show you Why SERVPRO!  We can't wait to hear from you.

Mold caused by high humidity

In this photo this is mold growth under the stairs in an unfinished closet.  When the home was built proper caulking was not performed to keep the humidity out of this unconditioned area.

As a result of humidity over 60% mold developed over time.  You will need to mechanically control the humidity during the wet, humid summer months to ensure mold will not develop.

Please call our office at (804)730-6788 to schedule any mold inspections or humidity checks in your home or business.

Mold can be scary, but call the right company that is experienced and has the certifications to perform the work per the EPA Guidelines.

Humidity Driven Mold

A local home builder was in the process of building a new home and in the process discovered humidity driven mold growth throughout the finished basement.  SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline was called in to assist with the remediation for the home builder.  We made it "Like it never even happened."

Mold in the Crawlspace

Mold is often found in crawlspaces especially in Virginia due to our high humidity levels during the summer.  This homeowner had a pipe leak in the kitchen that caused moisture in the crawlspace.  With the moisture and the humidity this crawlspace started experiencing some mold growth.  The mold was properly cleaned and the homeowner is moving forward with their repairs.

Mold Cleaning - Sealing

Mold cleaning is a case by case situation.  Not all mold jobs are the same, and sometimes you have to take the extra step of sealing.  In this case, the basement had some stairs that need to be cleaned and afterwards we sealed the bottom side of the steps with a clear sealer.  You can tell because there is a shine to the wood now.

SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline is here to make it "Like it never even happened."

Matt is always on the go helping our customers.

Matt Clemens is our Production Manager and works hard to ensure our customer's are happy. When a problem does arise, he is there to take care of the problem and make the customer happy. You can also find Matt working hard at water damages and packing and moving our customer's for repairs. Needless to say his work truck gets a lot of miles.

Chris McDowell is suited up to soda blast a crawlspace for a homeowner.

In Virginia, we have high levels of humidity and if your crawlspace is not sealed properly or you have moisture in your crawlspace you can experience mold growth. Sometimes we can clean the crawlspace by hand, and other times when the mold growth is too heavy and we use a soda blasting method. Chris McDowell is one of our Crew Chiefs who specializes in soda blasting. Soda blasting uses explosive force of the soda to peel away the mold on the wood. Soda blasting is also a great method to clean houses where wood framing has been affected from a fire.