Water Damage Photo Gallery

Burst pipe water damage

This photo shows the extent of damage that can happen from a frozen/burst pipe.  In this specific water damage a pipe burst under the master bathroom sink.

When we arrived to the house the ceiling in the living room had fallen and the ceiling fan had also fallen.  The entire house was water damaged.  We had to remove: drywall, insulation, hardwood flooring and carpeting.

We ended up packing and moving out the entire house in order for the contractor to perform all of the repairs.

Water Damage Pack Out

Debbie, Paige and Janet were working hard at a house packing out contents from a basement.  The customer had a water damage that affected his contents he had stored in the basement.  Before you are able to pack contents out of a basement you want to make sure the humidity levels are under control through the use of dehumidifiers.  Once the humidity levels are under control, we will dispatch our packing crew to work towards removing their content so we can dry their structure properly.  Our packing team works hard so you don't have too.  We make it "Like it never even happened."

Back Up of Drains

This homeowner experienced a back up of his floor drain that damaged 75% of his condo.  It is important to add back-up of drains and sewers coverage to your homeowner's policy.  This  makes sure that when something like this happens you are covered by your insurance company.  Many people do not realize that this type of coverage is very reasonably priced.

Commercial Building - Water Heater Burst

A commercial building has a tenant located on the first floor where a water heater is installed in the ceiling of their break room. We received a call on a Sunday that they needed our assistance with mitigation services.   A number of suites were affected and we were able to responded quickly and assist our customer.

Supply Line Burst and Ran All Day

When you leave for the day and come home to find your entire house flooded is a very overwhelming ordeal.  This homeowner's bathroom supply line to the toilet on the second floor burst and ran all day causing severe damage to floor coverings, walls, ceilings and the crawlspace.  Here is a photo of the living room during the drying process after all the demo had been completed.

Blown-In Insulation - HVAC

This is a picture that shows blown-in insulation all over a bookcase and the floor of a room.  Often times we will go over vacation and come home to surprises such as this.  This homeowner's HVAC unit is in their attic area.  It had a malfunction and created a water damage that caused the ceiling and blown-in insulation to fall down.  SERVPRO of Hanover, Goochland & Caroline was there to remove the wet blown-in, dry the structure and clean the content that was in the room.  We make it "Like it never even happened."